Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

Crown Custom zu verkaufen in England... der grandiosesten Beschreibung die ich je gelesen hab !
Fabricated from the rare minerals of mount Fuji
Designed and skilfully handcrafted in the land of the rising sun by ninja warriors
This Japanese beauty is as rare as unicorns
Seven seats upholstered with albino panda fur (vinyl)
Powered by the bullet proof 4m engine all original
No power steering so you better start lifting weights
Analogue clocks ask your grandfather
Supreme wheels from Steve McQueen's private collection
Windscreen wipers filled with the tears of Jesus
Time machine take you back to the 1970's
Swap for Datsun 610sss or classic Japanese rice rocket
Can arrange shipping worldwide as can be seen from the pictures the car is in beautiful condition not too many around these days
£8000 or 10 ounces of freshly minted gold bullion.


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